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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  February 22, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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president trump's new immigration rules are putting
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living in the us illegally on notice. the orders from the department of homeland security give new powers to bo
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local police. but the new guidelines could also put the majority of the nation's 11 million undocumented immigrants at risk of deportation. kenneth moton has the latest from washington. this morning, president trump's new immigration rules... applauded by supporters. sot jason clarksan francisco gop chairman "it is about time. the new guidelines don't change any existing laws feared by people in immigrant communities nationwide. sot barbara ridleycalifornia resident breaking up families is not going to solve any of these problems. the president making good on a promise target the worst of the worst undocumented immigrants. sot trump we have some bad hombres here and we're going to get them out president obama prioritized the deportation of serious criminals. but under trump immigration and border patrol agents have been directed to deport anyone convicted of any criminal offense including crimes like driving without a license. those charged but not convicted or deemed a risk to public safety could also be targeted. sot sean spicer/wh press secretary those people in this country and pose a threat to public safety or committed a crime will be the first to go the new homeland
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during the president's tour of the national museum of african american history and culture. it was here where trump...facing mounting criticism for his silence denounced dozens of recent anti-semitic threats, attacks and vandalism at jewish centers and cemeteries across the us. sot trump a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil (kenneth standup close) the anne frank center for mutual respect called the president's statement too little, too late. the fbi and the justice department are investigating the recent incidents at those jewish centers. kenneth moton, abc news washington. also happening today-- two members of president trump's cabinet are heading to mexico. the state department says secretary of state rex tillerson and homeland security secretary john kelly will travel to mexico city today for a two-day visit. the two will meet with mexican presid
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officials to discuss border security, trade and other issues. it looks like the affordable care act will be sticking around for a least the next few months. the trump administration and house republicans are calling for at least three months to decide whether to temporarily fund the a-c-a's cost-sharing subsidies. thats according to a motion filed in the u-s court of appeals tuesday. subsidy payments reduce deductibles and co-pays for more than half of enrollees on the obamacare exchange. congressional gop leaders have promised to scrap the affordable care act, but they have not yet agreed on a plan to replace it. an update this morning on a story we brought you as breaking news this time yesterday. a plane-- crashes in australia, with 4 americans on board. dash cam video - shows the horrific aftermath of the plane- crashing into a shopping mall before it opened. the pilot was killed- along with 4 american golfers visiting from texas. among them- greg de haven - who was
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fairfax county - and a 1964 graduate of w.t. woodson high school. it is really difficult for all of them and my heart goes out to my dear sister in law and the rest who are on this trip the pilot had reported "catastrophic engine failure" right after takeoff. the exact cause of the crash is still under investigation. happening today.. the conservative political action conference.. or c-pac.. kicks off at national harbor. conservatives from all over the country will be at the event. some of this week's speakers will include president trump.. vice president pence.. white house chief of staff reince priebus.. senator ted cruz.. and t-v and radio host sean hannity. c-pac runs through saturday. noticeably absent from cpac-- is alt-right leader milo yiannopoulos. yiannopoulos was uninvited to the conference after video re-surfaced online, in which he defending sexual relationships between young boys and older men. in the last 3 days--
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cpac, had his book deal canceled, and has resigned as an editor at "breitbart." yiannopoulos apologized for the comments-- saying that he does not endorse pedophilia. happening now-- bao bao is still in the air - the panda's flight - now in chinese air space. taking a look at flightaware - the plane is expected to touch-down in about 90 minutes. bao bao left dulles airport yesterday afternoon after being transferred onto a fed-ex truck at the national zoo. we will let you know when bao bao arrives at her new home. coming up-- police officers jump into action to save a driver from a burning car. and the entire thing is captured on camera. what they are saying about the heart-stopping video.. coming up. trt 11
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saturday with cold front (70) - cooler & breezy sunday (49) today: mostly cloudy. milder. stray shower/sprinkle, especially south. highs: 63-6
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tonight: mostly cloudy and mild. patchy fog. lows: 46-50 winds: s 5 mph to calm thursday: am fog. partly sunny. even warmer. highs: 72-76 winds: s 5-10 mph coming up-- a short ride in a
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a short ride in a new boat takes a bad turn. how one man ended up stranded at sea for more than 12 hours. plus, a close call on a busy airport. now federal investigators are taking a closer look at the incident, and the pilot responsible. the details.. ahead.
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northeast d.c. body camera video shows d.c police officers rescuing him. the incident happened on bladensburg road near the national arboretum. the driver ran off the road and hit a pole, and the car ignited. tom roussey has more. a man is alive, after another dramatic rescue.. this one in the water off
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arthur muscufo's was taking his new aluminum boat for a spin, when it overturned just minutes into his trip. it took the coast guard another 12 hours to locate him. by then-- it was after 2 am, and the water was less than 40 degrees
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his overturned boat. he says the hours he spent trying to stay alive were the darkest hours of his life. the coast guard crew arrived just in time. miscufo is recovering in the hospital. he says the next time he goes boating, he'll stay close to shore. new this morning.. we're finally getting a look at last week's close call involving actor harrison ford. newly released video shows his single-engine plane flying right over an american airlines jet. more than 100 people were on board that aircraft. the incident happened at john wayne airport in southern california. ford mistakenly landed on a taxiway instead of a runway. after landing, he
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if that jet was "supposed" to be below him. the f-a-a is investigating the incident. some big news is rocking the nba. lakers legend "magic" johnson is getting a chance to run his old team. lakers officials say magic is now the team's president of basketball operations. its' part of sweeping changes for the team since firing general manager mitch kupchak. johnson is calling the announcement a dream come true. as a player for the lakers, he won five nba titles and earned three mvp honors. and sorry wizards fans. if you were hoping for lou williams to come to d-c .. it's not happening. in one of his first moves since taking over, magic johnson inked a deal to send williams to the houston rockets. the rockets will send corey brewer and a draft pick to the lakers. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen
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- spring-like through saturday (60s & 70s) - 2 season weekend - showers/t-storms saturday with cold front
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(49) today: mostly cloudy. milder. stray shower/sprinkle, especially south. highs: 63-67 winds: s 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy and mild. patchy fog. lows: 46-50 winds: s 5 mph to calm thursday: am fog. partly sunny. even warmer. highs: 72-76 winds: s 5-10 mph coming up-- you may call this
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we are on the scene of a horrific fire that claimed the life of a little fairfax county boy. the conservative political action conference kicks off today in prince george's county. the list of high profile speakers. plus. who "won't" be there. and bao bao preparing to land in china. she is just sixty minutes away from arriving at her new home. good morning washington i'm autria godfrey. and i'm larry smith. toss to eileen - spring-like through saturday (60s & 70s) - 2 season weekend - showers/t-storms saturday with cold front (70) - cooler & breezy sunday (49) today: mostly cloudy. milder. stray


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